Event Center FAQs

We do not allow re-entry for a variety of reasons. Please be prepared before entering. Bring in any sweaters that you may want later.

No outside food or drink may be brought into the event center.

Security Check: Everyone entering will go thru a metal detector for your safety. No pocket knives allowed. Small bags will be searched. No large bags or backpacks will be allowed. If you’d like a bag for purchased merchandise, just ask at guest services.

Tickets are non-refundable. You may, of course, sell them to someone else.

We do NOT have public wifi. If your personal wireless service is not available inside the event center, you can usually pick it up in the outside smoking area.

We accept cash, credit cards, and apple & google pay for concessions and beverages. There is no fee for using a card to purchase concessions or beverages. We have an ATM. There is a fee for using it.

Meet and greet times will be emailed to customers the week of the concert. This is coordinated with the band. Any changes in meet and greet times will be listed on a whiteboard just to your left as you enter our front doors. Be sure to check the board. Meet and greet location is to your right as you enter the concert hall. Look for the signage and the red curtain.

Directions: BMI Event Center is located at 791 E. Main Street in Versailles, Ohio. Google maps will get you here. We are approximately 30 minutes West of Sidney, Ohio on State Route 47. We are approximately 18 minutes North of Greenville, Ohio, 24 minutes Northwest of Piqua, Ohio, and 20 miles East of Union City, Indiana. Our phone number is 937-526-9544.

Ticket Office Hours: Our ticket office is open daily M-F from 9-5. Saturday purchases can be made from 9-2 at BMI Karts and Parts, next door. Cash ticket purchases are cheaper than credit card purchases.

Parking: We do have parking in and around the event center including additional street parking.

Concessions: We have a concession stand with a variety of sandwiches, pizza, snacks, and beverages. We do sell koozies. You are permitted to consume purchased food and beverages inside the BMI concert hall.

Alcohol/ Beer: Our bar(s) sell various beers, High Noon vodka seltzers, and wine.

Restrooms / ADA: We have restrooms in our guest services area, including ADA compliant stalls.

Recording Devices: Artists’ contracts prohibit audio, video, or recording devices with the exception of cell phones.

VIP Seating, when available at certain events, does include a seat, but most people prefer to stand.

All general admission seats are white plastic chairs. At some events there may be tables set up as well.

Reserved seating, including the balcony, are padded seats.

Standing is allowed at your seat. Standing is NOT allowed on the balcony walkway, side stage spaces, or at the stage rails. You may stand in the back of the concert hall, if you choose, as long as you are behind all seats and not blocking someone’s view.

The main floor of the concert hall does NOT have any steps. The balcony does have 1 flight of steps.

We have an outdoor smoking area that is gated and covered.

Marketing: We work very hard at BMI on marketing, but we often hear, “I didn’t know this place existed.” If you could do us the favor of giving us a shout out on social media we would be extremely thankful. It takes an audience to keep a venue thriving!

Our staff works very hard to provide fast and friendly service and to maintain a safe and clean event center. If there is anything we can do for you please let us know. If you would please use the blue receptacles for your trash that would help us out greatly. We are glad you’re with us and hope you enjoy the show!

Renting: The Event Center can be rented out for a variety of events including weddings, receptions, graduation parties, class reunions, family gatherings, company outings, and many more events. Contact us to plan your event!