Rally and Prayer Night: Vote NO in NOvember – FREE [OCT 14]

Vote NO in NOvember

Tell your pastors, church congregations, family, and friends! Come out on October 14th at 7 PM for a night of prayer against issue 1. Get inspired, informed, and equipped to be a voice for NO in NOvember.

Speaker Candice Keller served as a State Representative in the Ohio House from 2016 – 2020. She represented the 53rd House District, which is made up of portions of Butler County. Keller has been the Executive Director of the Community Pregnancy Center, one of the largest pro-life non-profit agencies in Ohio, for the last thirteen years.

Dayton Right to Life is two organizations with one mission: to protect life through law, education, and community action in the Dayton, Ohio area. Their Foundation provides assistance to parents or guardians from before the birth of their child through age five. They have touched over two million persons through their awareness booths, events, television and radio commercials. They are a volunteer-driven organization with over 5,000 volunteers in their history. They have helped reduce the number of abortions in Montgomery County by 47% since 2001.

Micaella Clay is a abortion survivor. Despite being left with health issues that would follow her for the rest of her life, and spending years in foster care, Micaella thanks God for being alive. She knows there is always a better option than abortion and no one’s life is ours to take. Not only from her own narrow escape from death, but because she also put up her own daughter for adoption when her life circumstances made it too difficult for her to keep her baby. As a result, Micaella is a testament to the dignity and worth of every human being. 

Jessica Franz is on the board of directors for The Ohio Republican State Central Committee (ORSCC). The organization is composed of thirty-three men and thirty-three women that are popularly elected every two years at the primary election in even-numbered years. The ORSCC are responsible for the leadership of the Ohio Republican Party.


October 14th at 7:00 PM


Admission to the event will be free of charge.