Weapons of God is a Christian Metal band from Dayton, Ohio, formed by singer/guitarist Steve McGowan in 2014. Some of their musical influences include Kiss, Stryper, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden.

In 2016, they made their debut after veteran singer/guitarist Leon Black joined the band. After being signed by Roxx Productions in 2018, they recruited veteran bassist Ed Girard (former member of Four Star Revival), and in July 2019, their self-titled debut album was released. Their sophomore album titled, The War Within US was released in September 2021, with both albums having had good reviews.

In late 2022, veteran drummer Jay Hurt joined the band to make the current line-up.

Between 2019 and current day, Weapons of God, has been honored to share the stage with popular bands such as: Biogenesis, Disciple, 3 Days Under, The Protest, Absent from The Body, Relent, Chaotic Resemblance, Monarchs to Oblivion, FaithHead, Decyfer Down, Out of Darkness, Tantric, GFM, and many more.


InnerSiege hails from Peoria, IL, in the USA and considers itself in the melodic / power / heavy metal genre. Reviewers have said they sound similar to early Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Iron Maiden, Dream Evil, Hammerfall, Primal Fea, and FireWind.

The band was founded in 2008. Their debut album, Kingdom of Shadows, was released in December 2012. Their second full length release, titled Fury of Ages, was released in June of 2021. InnerSiege began the writing process for their third studio album in 2022.

InnerSiege band members include:
Jeremy Ray – vocals
Kev Grose – guitar
J.L. Prater – guitar
Ravn Furfjord – bass
Wade Helm – drums


Chaotic Resemblance formed in 2006 in Poteau, Oklahoma under the direction of vocalist Travis McConnell. Chaotic Resemblance is a Christian heavy metal band, in the veins of Skid Row, that adds spice to their arrangements by incorporating touches of 80’s style glam metal. The band has released 2-EPs and 2-full-length albums.

The band has opened for such acts as P.O.D. Y&T, Stryper, Disciple, Children 18:3, Rapture Ruckus, Petra, Whitecross, LA Guns, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Mike Tramp (White Lion), and more. They have shared the stage with Thousand Foot Krutch, Seventh Day Slumber, KUTLESS, Since October, Stellar Kart, Kix, Queensryche, and more.


The Protest has toured with national acts like The Letter Black, Icon For Hire, Decyfer Down, Sent By Ravens, and Nine Lashes as well as opened for Fireflight, Disciple, Spoken, Brian “Head” Welch, We As Human, Family Force 5, and more! Playing an average of 150+ shows a year, The Protest has headlined stages at Ichthus Festival, Cornerstone, LiFest, Agape Fest, and Rockfest.

The Protest worked with Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning producer Travis Wyrick and with Mark Anthony of The Letter Black on their debut album Game Changer, which features Noah Henson of Pillar and Brad Noah of Disciple.


Christian heavy rock band Spoken formed in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1996. Initially, the band had a nu-metal sound. It wasn’t until their third record, Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell, that they began to get much heavier. It wasn’t until their 2007 Self-Titled release that the band went full Linkin Park.

They emerged from a short hiatus in 2013 for Illusion, their first album of new material in six years. In early 2017 the band dropped a pair of singles, “I Will Not Fade” and “Stronger”, in anticipation of the release of their aptly named ninth album, IXwhich was released in that September.

Super Group

Reign of Glory is a brand new hard rock/metal band featuring Robyn Kyle Basauri (Red Sea, Die Happy, Joshua) on vocals, Roger Dale Martin (Vengeance Rising, Once Dead, Die Happy) on bass, Nick Layton (FireWolfe, Q5) on guitars and Jim Chaffin on drums.

STOP THE BLEEDING – The Tourniquet Tribute
Featuring Original Tourniquet Members Guy Ritter, Gary Lenaire, & Luke Easter

Tourniquet was an American Christian metal band that formed in Los Angeles in 1990. The band was founded by Ted Kirkpatrick, Guy Ritter, and Gary Lenaire. Luke Easter joined the band as lead vocalist when Guy Ritter left in 1993 to pursue another project.

Tourniquet primarily performed a mixture of thrash, progressive, and neoclassical metal, and was influenced by additional, non-rock forms of music such as classical and world music. It earned six GMA Dove Award nominations and won multiple recognitions from the readers of HM Magazine, including “Favorite Band of the 1990s” and “Favorite Album of the 1990s” for Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (1992). The band released ten studio albums, two live albums, four compilation albums, one EP, and several video releases. Tourniquet has sold more than 300,000 albums.

Super Group

Human Code is an incredible, eclectic mix of iconic musicians. The band features the following members: [lead vocals] Michael Drive of Barren Cross & Gale Force; [guitar] George Ochoa of Deliverance & Recon; [drums] Terry ‘The Animal’ Russell of Holy Soldier; [bass] Todd Libby of Worldview.


Deliverance, also known as Big D, is a thrash metal/speed metal band that began in 1985. The band began in Los Angeles, California. The lineup has gone through several changes, with Jimmy P. Brown II being the only remaining member throughout each. The band’s current lineup consists of Brown on rhythm, guitar, and vocals, Glenn Rogers on lead guitar, Manny Morales on bass, and Jim Chaffin on drums.


Theocracy hails from Athens, GA, and their critically-acclaimed, self-titled debut album was released on MetalAges Records in October of 2003. The album was completely created by founding member Matt Smith, and was hailed by fans and critics alike as a power metal tour-de-force of the highest quality. The current lineup includes Smith along with drummer Ernie Topran, bassist Jared Oldham, guitarist Jonathan Hinds, and lead guitarist Taylor Washington.


Sanctuary International

Pastor Bob Beeman has been on the cutting edge of Christian music for over 40 years. Since opening Sanctuary International in 1985, his focus has been on pioneering Christian Heavy Metal as a ministry. His dedication to discipleship and mentoring have spawned countless metal ministries and festivals worldwide.


July 26 – July 28, 2024

Schedule is subject to change.

Friday, July 26
Doors Open: 4:00

  • WEAPONS OF GOD [5:00-5:45 PM]
  • INNERSIEGE [6:00-6:45 PM] 
  • THE PROTEST [8:15-9:15 PM]
  • SPOKEN [9:30-10:30 PM]

Saturday, July 27
Doors Open: 3:00 PM

  • STOP THE BLEEDING – The Tourniquet Tribute (Featuring Original Tourniquet Members Guy Ritter, Gary Lenaire, & Luke Easter) [4:30-5:30 PM] 
  • REIGN OF GLORY [5:45-6:45 PM]
  • HUMAN CODE [7:00-8:00 PM] 
  • DELIVERANCE [8:15-9:15 PM]
  • THEOCRACY [9:30-10:30 PM]

Sunday, July 28
Doors Open: 9:30 AM

“A Sanctuary Gathering”, a worship service featuring Pastor Bob and the Sanctuary Worship Band, with very special guests.