IMMORTAL Christian Rock Festival [Sep 2 – 4]

Labor day weekend BMI Event Center presents “IMMORTAL” Christian Rock Festival! A three-day music festival featuring 11 classic Christian metal / rock bands, also a sermon from Get A Life Ministries’ Billy Crone.



All original members!
Michael Drive (Lee), Jim LaVerde, Ray Parris, &  Steve Whitaker.


All original members!
Christian band that plays melodic, progressive hard rock/metal, reminiscent of Queensryche and Iron Maiden.


Whitecross is an American Christian metal band from Illinois, formed in 1985 by singer Scott Wenzel and guitarist Rex Carroll, and re-formed in 2000. The band won three Dove Awards in the 1990s.


In 2011, This Canadian Christian metal group was awarded the GMA Canada Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing their pioneering influence on Christian rock.


(Super Group)
Band features the following members: [Lead Vocals] Michael Drive of Barren Cross & Gale Force; [Guitarist] George Ochoa of Deliverance & Recon; [Drums] Terry ‘The Animal’ Russell of Holy Soldier; [Bass] Todd Libby of Worldview.


Saint formed in 1984 and, over the past three decades, has released 9 studio albums, charted on Billboard and been featured in Metal Edge, Circus, HM and many other magazines. Saints mission is to bring good entertainment with a Christ centered message.

Classic Petra Resurrection

The songs you know with the voice of Greg X. Volz.

Les Carlsen

Voice of Bloodgood
Performing his new originals and Bloodgood classics with a full band


Fear Not is a hard rock/metal band from Los Angeles, California, that was formed in 1987


Featuring Rey Parra, original voice of Sacred Warrior
Playing music from the new Deny the Fallon album; along with Sacred Warrior classics.

Bonus: Bruce Swift is going to join in for the Sacred Warrior tunes. This makes three original members of Sacred Warrior: Rey Parra, Bruce Swift and Jon Johnson!


Hard Rock Band from Oklahoma. Dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Pastor Billy Crone

His message on Sunday; Sep 4 at 2:00 is a must hear and is FREE to the public!
Pastor Billy is from Get A Life Ministries based out of Las Vegas, Nevada


Pastor Bob Beeman

(All Weekend)

Pastor Bob Beeman has been on the cutting edge of Christian music for over 40 years. Since opening Sanctuary International in 1985, his focus has been on pioneering Christian Heavy Metal as a ministry. His dedication to discipleship and mentoring have spawned countless metal ministries and festivals worldwide. Pastor Bob travels and speaks internationally, is an avid podcaster, and is the host of the popular “Pastor Bob DAILY!” on YouTube.

Chris Jericho

(Saturday only, including a live podcast with Barren Cross at 3:00 PM)

In the world of pro wrestling, Chris Jericho is a seven-time world champion, having won the AEW Championship, WWE Championship, WCW Championship twice and the World Heavyweight Championship three times. He is also a record nine-time Intercontinental Champion, two-time United States Champion, and the fourth WWE Grand Slam Champion.

Outside of wrestling, he is also known as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Fozzy, whose seventh album Judas was released on October 13, 2017. He also is wildly successful online influencer from with millions of followers on Instagram, and Facebook. Plus a top podcast in ‘Talk Is Jericho’.

Schedule of Events

Sep 2
Doors open: 4:00 PM

  • SAINT [6:00 PM]
  • HUMAN CODE – Band features the following members: [Lead Vocals] Michael Drive of Barren Cross & Gale Force; [Guitarist] George Ochoa of Deliverance & Recon; [Drums] Terry ‘The Animal’ Russell of Holy Solider; [Bass] Todd Libby of Worldview. [7:30 PM]
  • SACRED WARRIOR (All Original Members) [9:00 PM]

Sep 3
Doors open: 2:00 PM

  • CHRIS JERICHO – Live podcast with Barren Cross [3:00 PM]
  • DENY THE FALLEN (Rey Parra original voice of Sacred Warrior playing music from the new Deny the Fallen CD along with Sacred Warrior classics) [4:00 PM]
  • BILLY CRONE (Speaker; intro to Sunday’s message) [7:00 PM]
  • WHITECROSS [7:30 PM]
  • BARREN CROSS (All Original Members!) [9:00 PM] with guest master of ceremony, Chris Jericho

Sep 4
Doors open: 12:00 PM

  • BILLY CRONE (Speaker) [2:00 PM] – FREE TO PUBLIC
    (concert after his message is a ticketed event.)
  • CLASSIC PETRA RESURRECTION (with Greg X. Volz)[5:00 PM]
  • DANIEL BAND [6:30 PM]
  • FEAR NOT [8:00 PM]
  • LES CARLSEN (Voice of Bloodgood) [9:30 PM]



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