IMMORTAL Christian Rock Festival – PART 1



Formed in 1992, Disciple has recorded 12 albums and 3 EP’s, played thousands of shows worldwide, headlined tours since the late 90’s, has 15 No. 1 singles, sold hundreds of thousands of records, received 2 Dove Awards and multiple nominations, had its music featured by ESPN’s NFL Live, WWE, Fox Sports, as well as in commercials for CBS’ CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds, and more.


(Super Group)
Band features the following members: [Lead Vocals] Michael Drive of Barren Cross & Gale Force; [Guitarist] George Ochoa of Deliverance & Recon; [Drums] Terry ‘The Animal’ Russell of Holy Soldier; [Bass] Todd Libby of Worldview.


Theocracy hails from Athens, GA, and their critically-acclaimed, self-titled debut album was released on MetalAges Records in October of 2003. The album was completely created by founding member Matt Smith, and was hailed by fans and critics alike as a Power Metal tour-de-force of the highest quality. The current lineup includes Smith along with drummer Ernie Topran, bassist Jared Oldham, guitarist Jonathan Hinds, and lead guitarist Taylor Washington.


Christian punk and metal crossover band from Austin, Texas, which formed in 1985. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music describes them as “quite possibly the most popular hard-punk act ever to arise within the Christian music scene.”


A brand new hard rock/metal band featuring Robyn Kyle Basauri (Red Sea, Die Happy, Joshua) on vocals, Roger Dale Martin (Vengeance Rising, Once Dead, Die Happy) on bass, Nick Layton (FireWolfe, Q5) on guitars and Jim Chaffin on drums.


Featuring Rey Parra, original voice of Sacred Warrior
Playing music from the new Deny the Fallon album; along with Sacred Warrior classics.

Bonus: Bruce Swift is going to join in for the Sacred Warrior tunes. This makes two original members of Sacred Warrior: Rey Parra, and Bruce Swift, plus longtime guitarist Jon Johnson!


Deliverance, also known as Big D, is a Thrash metal/Speed metal band that began in 1985. The band began in Los Angeles, California. The lineup has gone through several lineups, with Jimmy P. Brown II being the only remaining member throughout each. The band’s current lineup consists of Brown on Rhythm Guitars and Vocals, Glenn Rogers on Lead Guitars, Manny Morales on Bass and Jim Chaffin on Drums.


Hard Rock Band from Oklahoma. Dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ



Sanctuary International
Pastor Bob Beeman has been on the cutting edge of Christian music for over 40 years. Since opening Sanctuary International in 1985, his focus has been on pioneering Christian Heavy Metal as a ministry. His dedication to discipleship and mentoring have spawned countless metal ministries and festivals worldwide. 

Schedule of Events

July 22
Doors open: 2:00 PM

  • VIDEO MESSAGE [4:30-5:00 PM]
  • DENY THE FALLEN [5:15-6:15 PM]
  • ONE BAD PIG  [6:30-7:30 PM]
  • DELIVERANCE – [7:45-8:45 PM]
  • DISCIPLE  [9:00-10:15 PM]

July 23
Doors open: 2:00 PM

  • PASTOR BOB (Speaker) [4:30-5:00 PM]
  • REIGN OF GLORY [6:30-7:30 PM]
  • HUMAN CODE [7:45-9:00 PM]
  • THEOCRACY  [9:15-10:30 PM]



The BlastoZoic Era

Classic Christian Rock, Alternative, and Metal from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.


Aggressive, Progressive Christian Music internet radio to attract youth and young adults to the message of hope, meaning, purpose, and eternal life found only in Jesus Christ.  

FUZION Creative Solutions

A full service marketing/advertising and small business developmental firm located outside Louisville KY